AS-Accountant 7 was designed specially for accounting automation of midsized and small enterprises.
We have thoroughly chosen system functionality, tools that facilitate the work were included and support service was developed very carefully. The result is that AS-Accountant 7 provides automation of all accounting directions; at the same time big savings of workforce, time, technical resources and cash assets.

AS-Accountant 7 main features

The best price/quality ratio

You pay the price typical to simple accounting systems for AS-Accountant 7, yet you get modern and powerful accounting system, with great functionality, wide reporting capabilities and excellent support.

Modern, beautiful and comfortable interface

  • System interface is built in familiar and comfortable MS Office style. Start the work with the system easily and avoid inconvenience and time spent on learning the new working environment.
  • The system works in Unicode which makes it possible to work with data inputted in any language.
  • Various verifications done during data input ensure data integrity and accuracy.
  • The system has different colors and font themes. Choose the most convenient view for yourself.

Simple installation and use

System installation and its later work are very simple and do not require the presence of technical specialist or accountants’ deep training. System technical requirements are not very high; therefore, the organization does not usually need to acquire additional hardware or software for system operation.

Comprehensive support service

Experience gained during many years’ work with customers allow us to develop excellent customer support system and make sure that each customer receives service most convenient for them
  • Attend trainings in fully-equipped AS training center.
  • Ask your questions to AS qualified specialists in call center.
  • Use remote support – our specialists will help you by connecting directly to your computer via internet.
  • Attend our seminars, presentations of new versions
  • Visit Knowledge base of AS customer support portal to get answers to FAQs and How To’s, user manuals and other support documentation.

Powerful and flexible reporting system

  • Receive any data you need from the system with the tools of data filtration, grouping, adding subtotals, and column selection.
  • Integration with Excel: the new feature of system adds formulas to Excel which allow retrieving data from AS-Accountant 7. By using Excel’s calculating and analytical capabilities you can receive practically any report.
  • More than 60 built-in reports, including all important financial and tax reports.

We make sure that your accounting software is always up to date

We are always improving and keeping pace with technology. We adjust AS-Accountant 7 to legislative and tax changes, add functionality and include new tools to make your work even easier. And we make sure you always get the latest updates on time. System notifies you about new updates available and all you need to do is to download and install them with just a few clicks.

Opportunity to keep accounting of unlimited number of companies

Accounting of unlimited number of companies can be carried out both in AS-Accountant 7 system network or one workplace version.

Accounting and bank account management from one system

AS-Accountant 7 is integrated with Internet banking systems you use to provide you maximal comfort and timesaving. Integration with TBC Bank, Bank of Georgia, ProCredit Bank and Cartu Bank Internet banking systems reduces manual transactional entry and saving your time. You can export payment orders from AS-Accountant 7 and import them to TBC Bank Internet banking system, as well as import data from TBC Bank, Bank of Georgia, ProCredit Bank and Cartu Bank Internet banking system.

Integration with Revenue Service

  • No more need to manually enter invoices and waybills to Revenue Service. Just upload them from AS-Accountant 7 to Revenue Service system.
  • No more need to manually enter received invoices and waybills to AS Accountant 7. Just upload them from Revenue Service system to AS-Accountant 7.

Integration with MS Word, MS Excel, Open Office

Data can be exported from the system to MS Word, MS Excel and Open Office.

New features for quick data input

The new ways of data import and export included in the system allow saving time spent on data input.
  • Import of information data and documents from MS Excel.
  • Export of all information and import via XML files.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with AS-Accountant 7 system you can return it back during 6 months from date of purchase and receive all the money back. No questions asked!

Price list

All prices are in GEL and include VAT
AS-Accountant 7 system 1440 3100 5300
The prices include Annual system support *
Training of 1 person in AS Training center Training of 3 persons in AS Training center Training of 5 persons in AS Training center

Annual support prices starting from the second year
Annual support * 290 650 1100

* Annual support includes
  • Remote support
  • System updates and upgrades