AS-BookKeeper system is designed for automating small company’s simple accounting. It is convenient especially for organizations that offer services, consulting companies, auditing companies and companies that have small staff.

Free accounting system

AS-BookKeeper is not just a free trial. It does not have limited period of time or limitations on number of documents. It is a complete working program. It is absolutely FREE.

Simple installation and use

System installation and its later work are very simple and do not require the presence of technical specialist or accountants’ deep training. System technical requirements are not very high; therefore, the organization does not usually need to acquire additional hardware or software for system operation.

Does not require special training and extensive implementation work

It is not required to take special training courses. You can get a beter insigt of the program via electronic resources.

Main features of AS-BookKeeper system

Modern, beautiful and comfortable interface

  • System interface is built in familiar and comfortable MS Office style. Start the work with the system easily and avoid inconvenience and time spent on learning the new working environment.
  • The system works in Unicode which makes it possible to work with data inputted in any language.
  • Various verifications done during data input ensure data integrity and accuracy.
  • The system has different colors and font themes. Choose the most convenient view for yourself.

Powerful and flexible reporting system

  • Receive any data you need from the system with the tools of data filtration, grouping, adding subtotals, and column selection.
  • Numerous built-in reports, including all important financial and tax reports.

Opportunity to keep accounting of unlimited number of companies

Accounting of unlimited number of companies can be carried out in AS-BookKeeper System.

Less manual entry

We integrate with the other services you use to provide you maximal comfort and time-saving.
  • Integration with TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia Internet banking systems reduces manual transactional entry and saving your time. You can export payment orders from AS-BookKeeper and import them to TBC Bank Internet banking system, as well as import data from TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia Internet banking system.
  • No more need to manually enter invoices and waybills to Revenue Service. Just upload them from AS-BookKeeper to Revenue Service system.

Integration with MS Word, MS Excel, Open Office

Data can be exported from the system to MS Word, MS Excel and Open Office.

Export and Import

All data is exported and imported via XML files.

Easy transition to AS-Accountant 6 system

AS-BookKeeper allows not only to practically use the system but also to get used to the interface and easily transmit to more functional AS-Accountant 6 system. It is possible to easily transfer data to AS-Accountant 6 system and continue the work in more functional version at any time.

Systems comparative table

Functional differences AS-BookKeeper AS-Accountant 6
Free Starting at
600 USD
General ledger
Bank and cash-desk
Accounting of debtors and creditors
Financial reports, VAT calculation, Reference about invoices
Multi-currency accounting
Fixed assets
Integration with Revenue Service sysem
Integration with TBC InternetBank system
Standard transactions scenarios
Supplementary functionality
Accounting of more than one company
Generating means of reports in Excel
Import of information data and document from Excel
Data export and import via XML files