You have opened your first shop and you cannot afford purchasing shop management system yet. Or maybe you have a small shop and it is not expedient to purchase a system. Apricot Software makes a present to all small shops giving new generation AS-MarketPlace system to them for free. You can perform all important operations of a shop with AS-MarketPlace system.


  • quick customer service
  • application of barcode scanners
  • accepting cash payments and calculation of change
  • making percentage discounts
  • sales on credit and settlements with buyers
  • printing receipts
  • application of cash control machines
  • sales of goods by weight
  • managing and printing price lists
  • printing price tags
  • upload waybills and invoices on Revenue Service system


  • purchasing goods
  • calculation of good’s prime cost in weighted average method
  • settlements with suppliers
  • download received Waybills from Revenue Service system


  • sum and quantitative turnover and balances of goods
  • sum and quantitative volume analyses of sales
  • debts and credits of buyers and suppliers
  • incomes and expenses
  • analytical diagrams

You need just to download AS-MarketPlace system, install it and are ready to start the work.

Apricot Software Company with paid versions of its systems also offers free solutions to the companies. The free systems are complete systems without any restrictions.
Our trade systems include free AS-MarketPlace system, which is closely integrated with trading devices and cash control machines.
Integration with Cash control machines and trading devices simplifies sales process and enables to serve customers quickly. Many companies by using cash control machines can avoid expenses, which in some cases can be significant, related to buying and implementing trade automation systems by using AS-MarketPlace.

Simple installation and use

System installation and running are very simple and do not require the presence of technical specialist. Inexperienced users can fully master it in a short time. System technical requirements are not high; therefore, the organization does not usually need to purchase additional hardware or software for system operation.

Does not require special training and extensive implementation work

It is not required to take special training courses. You can get a better insight of the program via digital resources.

Integration with Revenue Service

No more need to manually enter invoices and waybills to Revenue Service. Just upload them from AS-MarketPlace to Revenue Service system, or download received and sent documents from web page.

Modern, beautiful and comfortable interface

  • System interface is built in familiar and comfortable MS Office style. It enables the users to start easily the work with the system and avoid inconvenience and wasting time on learning the new working environment
  • The system works in Unicode which makes it possible to work with data inputted in any language
  • Various verifications done during the input ensure data integrity and accuracy
  • The system has different colors and font themes. Each user can choose the most convenient view for him

Powerful and flexible reporting system

The tools of data filtration, grouping, adding subtotals, and column selection enable the users to easily receive any data from the system.

Analytical diagrams

The graph chart of the main indicators of business efficiency in one window

Integration with MS Word, MS Excel, Open Office

Data can be exported from the system to MS Word, MS Excel and Open Office.

Export and Import

All data can be exported and imported via XML files.

Constantly updating system

AS-MarketPlace system’s new versions are regularly released. New versions include new features and various improvements to make user’s work even more productive. The latest version can be downloaded and installed with just one click.